Man from England crushed by El Capitan rockfall in Yosemite

by Abel Hampton September 29, 2017, 0:26
Man from England crushed by El Capitan rockfall in Yosemite

At least one person was killed and another hurt on Wednesday when a rockslide from the famed El Capitan granite monolith in Yosemite National Park in California rained boulders onto a popular hiking trail, a park spokesman said.

A park helicopter and Yosemite rescue teams assessed the situation and transported the injured person out of the park. The size of the rockfall has not yet been determined, she said.

A large rock fell near the East Buttress climbing route on El Capitan at around 1:55 p.m., a park spokesperson said.

The incident is especially unfortunate as it is now hiking season in Yosemite, according to the park, putting many visitors on the hiking trails in the park.

A climber who was above a deadly rockfall at Yosemite National Park says a hunk of granite "the size of an apartment building" fell off the mountainside. In all, the volume of the rockfalls weighed about 1,300 tons, and the irregular sheet of rock that fell was estimated to be 130 feet tall, 65 feet wide and 3 to 10 feet thick.

The names of the victims are still unknown, as well as whether they were climbers or tourists visiting the park.

"I observed a 100 foot by 100 foot by 100 foot piece of granite peel off and fall 2000 feet to the ground".

The park records about 80 rock falls per year, though they are rarely fatal.

The Los Angeles Times reported about 30 climbers were on El Capitan at the time of the rockfall.

After that, Zabrok said, he and others in his group wrote on Facebook that they witnessed four or five additional rock falls.

The pair was in the park to rock climb but were not climbing at the time of the rockfall.

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