Facebook offers to pay labels for music in homemade videos

by Frankie Norman September 9, 2017, 0:09
Facebook offers to pay labels for music in homemade videos

But if you're the type to just turn on the Discovery Channel and lay back on the couch, you might find some fun time-wasters on Facebook Watch. The giant has a huge number of contents to telecast already from National Geographic and other publishers. Several contents will be available on the "Watch" tab. Gradually, it is expanding to other regions of the USA and in future, this Facebook Watch will be available globally for all the nations.

Facebook Watch is now live for all Facebook users in the United States on mobile, Facebook TV, and desktop.

Both Facebook and the music companies hope that deals can ultimately be done, and that Rights Manager can be further developed to equal and out-perform Content ID. With this update, users of Facebook will have a Watch button with Television at the left side bar on the website, or in the profile's menu on mobile platform. The rights holders must reach out to ask that infringing material be taken down through a "report" system. More advertising revenue is another goal that is on Facebook's to do list.

Facebook's new venture, Facebook Watch has a limited content for now as they are just testing the environment through the United States people.

TechJuice for Browser: Get breaking news notifications on your browser. Of course, there is the risk though of the rights holders creating another YouTube by empowering the social media platform, whereby Facebook would be a good source of exposure but where consumption would beat actual sales.

This news comes from "people familiar with the matter" and is in no way official.

For the time, Facebook and its partners are simultaneously producing the reality shows since they're cheap and Facebook is highlighting them. So, it can survive for a couple of months. But to attract the users Facebook will need high-quality comedies and dramas scripts.

The Bloomberg report comes as Facebook is rolling out a new video hub on its platform called Watch, which is meant to go head-to-head with YouTube and could provide Facebook with billions of dollars in additional ad revenue.

You've probably seen more than one homemade Facebook video that uses a popular song to spice up an otherwise plain clip.

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