Danny Trevathan Gets Wikipedia Update After Brutal Hit on Davante Adams

by Steven Clarke September 30, 2017, 0:17
Danny Trevathan Gets Wikipedia Update After Brutal Hit on Davante Adams

Packers wide receiver Davante Adams, taken the hospital after a frightening helmet-to-helmet hit Thursday by Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan, is showing positive signs, Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy said early Friday morning. Multiple Bears defenders had Adams wrapped up inside the red zone when Trevathan lowered his head and hit the front of Adams' face hard enough to send his mouthpiece flying.

The Packers were upset by the hit on Adams from Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan in the third quarter of their 35-14 win at Lambeau Field. The hit was unnecessary, the defenders of Trevathan can not say that the player ducked into it and it was direct to the head. I knew it wasn't good.

A new rule allows for suspensions for first offenses on egregious hits, so how the National Football League reacts to Trevathan's hit will be watched closely, especially after he led with the crown of his helmet.

The hit may not have been malicious, but Trevathan's reaction did not endear him to the Packers. "But you got to understand, I had momentum, and I was just trying to make a play". It didn't look like he meant to hurt Adams, but he recklessly led with his helmet. NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport added that Adams' MRI was negative, per sources informed on the player's status. I regret the level I hit him at. I think it was right here [pointing to his chest just below the neck]. It took a player out of the game and cause a serious injury. "Nothing intentional, it happens in this game; hopefully, they see that". We play a physical game but you never wish that on anybody.

Hits such as this one have been ruled illegal in football for a reason; Adams is lucky to have feeling in his extremities, let alone live. The officiating crew of last night's game missed a crucial opportunity to set a precedent for future hits.

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