Compensations from Ryanair for over 300000 Passengers Affected by Cancelled Flights

by Frankie Norman September 22, 2017, 0:13
Compensations from Ryanair for over 300000 Passengers Affected by Cancelled Flights

Ryanair decided last weekend to cancel 50 flights a day for a six-week period after a shift to counting staff flying hours over a calendar year meant too many of its pilots hit their maximum allocation. The company's AGM took place in Dublin with angry shareholders demanding an explanation for the still escalating debacle.

The Ryanair trouble arose earlier in September when Ryanair alerted customers of some 2,100 flight cancellations in the coming three months. If these pilots refuse to work extra days, more cancellations and trouble could be on the way for the Irish airline. However, the story doesn't end there.

Similar offers may be made at other airports, but that will depend on whether those bases have a surplus of pilots, he said.

Thursday's meeting comes amid reports that flight captains and first officers have rejected Ryanair's offer of bonus payments in exchange for making commitments to the airline. The reason behind that rejection are mixed.

"One of the issues we have to deal with is that we may have got pilot pay a little on the low side", O'Leary said.

The budget airline is notorious for trimming the price it pays for everything and that's likely reflected in the wages it pays its staff. It is legally required to spell out compensation rules when a flight is cancelled and, in our view, have so far failed to do that, leaving passengers hunting around for information. "The head of the company, Michael O'Leary, openly insults his pilots, and has consistently maintained a policy of heading off any attempt to achieve a collectively bargained contract".

Chief Executive Michael O'Leary said the cancellations were caused by a transition to a new system of allocating leave to pilots, but he denied suggestions from a pilot group that it has a deeper problem in hiring and retaining pilots.

"Since there is no requirement in aviation regulation to provide annual leave per se, it is unclear what is compelling Ryanair to provide any leave to their pilots at this time", the association said.

The airline expects to have refunded or processed alternative routes for 95% of affected customers by the end of this week.

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