Comey's Speech at Howard University Is Interrupted by Protests

by Frankie Norman September 23, 2017, 0:08
Comey's Speech at Howard University Is Interrupted by Protests

The school said Comey elected to give his entire salary as chair to a Howard scholarship fund benefiting students who grew up in foster care. "They're just gonna let him know they know their shit". "I hope you'll stay and listen to what I have to say. His expertise and understanding of the challenges we continue to face today will go a long way in sparking rich discussion and advancing meaningful debates across campus".

The livestream then cut out for about 10 minutes, replaced by a video produced by Howard.

Comey said, "I am here at Howard to try to get smarter, to try to be useful, to try and have healthy conversations", he said, adding that the school is a place where people listen and learn from other viewpoints unlike most places in the world. Delivering his prepared remarks, Comey spoke of the importance of young people finding and expressing their voice, but urged them to also seek understanding of their parents and the generations that came before them.

"Our country is going through one of those periods where we're trying to figure out who are we really and what do we stand for".

"There's great crisis our nation", said Rev. Dr. Bernard L. Richardson, as Comey bowed his head during the opening prayer. He was hired by Howard to give five lectures on several topics, which have yet to be announced.

Freshman Donald Val, 18, said the parts he heard "practically aligned" with the protesters' point of view. "I grew up in the suburbs".

Comey was the keynote speaker at the event.

CNN reported earlier this week that Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller has requested the White House turn over any documents related to Comey's dismissal, as well as information connected to an Oval Office meeting in which Trump told Russian officials that firing Comey eased pressure on his White House.

In 2015 and 2016, Comey advanced the theory that a so-called "Ferguson effect" was partly responsible for a rise in murder rates in some cities.

The protesting students issued a statement saying Comey "represents an institution diametrically opposed to the interests of black people domestically and aroad".

One student, 17-year-old Dave Cassell, said he agreed with the message of the protesters.

Dotson argued that racial unrest after highly publicized police shootings of black men tended to make law enforcement officers less vigorous in their duties because they feared an unfair public backlash.

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