Apple's 4K Movies Are For Streaming Only, Not Download

by Edgar Hayes September 24, 2017, 0:13
Apple's 4K Movies Are For Streaming Only, Not Download

It appears the only guarantee customers have is downloading an HD copy of purchased movies to their devices. However, with this new update, you can have 24 hours extra along with the rented movies. In the given time period of 48 hours, you can watch the movie as many times as you can within the period of 48 hours.

As noted in Apple's support documents (via MacRumors), 4K content from the iTunes store can only be streamed. Some videos also include even higher-quality content, with a 4K option for 4K-compatible devices. The YouTube app can't stream in 4K yet, for example, and the Amazon Prime Video app and all of its high-quality 4K content still isn't available on any flavor of Apple TV box (earlier in 2017 Apple said it was arriving "later this year"). The Apple TV 4K only supports H.264, HEVC (H.265), and MP4 video formats for streaming and 4K videos on YouTube are streamed in the VP9 format, which isn't supported by the new device. But if you're planning to upgrade your television in the future, you could spend your money now to know you'll have something to watch on your future new set.

"If you don't start watching a movie within 30 days, you must rent it again", Apple advised. They can also be viewed offline with the same 48-hour window.

Well, Apple is going to change the perceptions of everyone who are used to buy the Apple products.

Apple has also put quite a bit of work into its integration with other devices.

Of course, if you don't have a minimum internet speed of 25Mbps, then you won't be able to stream content in 4K either, according to the same document.

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