'Xena: Warrior Princess' Reboot Not Going Forward At NBC

by Abel Hampton August 24, 2017, 1:39
'Xena: Warrior Princess' Reboot Not Going Forward At NBC

Sad news, fans of the Warrior Princess - the modern revival of Xena is no longer happening.

"It will also express my view of the world - which is only further informed by what is happening right now - and is not too hard to know what that is if you do some digging".

In fact, writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach had said past year that he planned to fully explore the relationship between the two female heroes.

In a blow to fans this week, NBC confirmed that the project is "dead" after Grillo-Marxuach departed the project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, plans have been scrapped for NBC's planned reboot. They were even ready to oversee the project for NBC, ready to re-cast the role of Xena and Gabrielle, originally played by Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor.

She explained that after looking at "some material", NBC had concluded that Xena "didn't warrant the reboot".

In the wake of original showrunner Javier Grillo-Marxuach's (The Middleman) departure, NBC has made a decision to close the book on a new Xena show. for now, at least. It's unclear whether or not NBC disagreed on that point, or whether their problems with Grillo-Marxuach's vision were unrelated to Xena and Gabrielle's sexuality. I'd never say never on that one because it's such a beloved title, but the current incarnation of it is dead. The series would also have a focus on her lesbian relationship with her friend, Gabrielle.

Sadly, it doesn't seem like Xena is one of the shows that the network is so eager to bring back - probably because it didn't quite capture the ratings of those aforementioned shows, despite its ardent fanbase.

He previously said: 'Xena will be a very different show made for very different reasons.

Itself a spinoff of the Sam Raimi produced Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess debuted in fall 1995, ran for 6 seasons and 134 episodes total, and signed off in spring 2001.

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