What Are Critics Saying About 'The Dark Tower?'

by Abel Hampton August 4, 2017, 0:18
What Are Critics Saying About 'The Dark Tower?'

While Mazzara will oversee day-to-day operations on the series, Akiva Goldsman will executive produce with his Weed Road Pictures president of production Gregory Lessans, Imagine TV's Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, and Jeff Pinkner. And, just ahead of its release, actors Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey have revealed the reasons for joining the movie based on Stephen King's novels of the same name.

Fans of Stephen King's beloved The Dark Tower series will find themselves flocking to their nearest movie theater this weekend to catch the Nikolaj Arcel's long-awaited film adaptation of the author's novels, but, chances are, many of them won't be aware of the disastrous post-production process that the filmmakers reportedly went through.

" ... that's part of a larger problem with The Dark Tower; it's so uninvolved that it feels like nothing actually matters". Why is it Roland's job to stop Walter O'Dim, otherwise known as The Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey), from destroying The Dark Tower that holds the universe together?

"I wanted to be in a blockbuster, I wanted to play a big hero in a film". "But I felt supported throughout, and they all looked to me for answers".

He further continued, "To get in with Idris, Nikolaj, and Sony, and the creators, and go 'Hey, we're gonna be the first to tell the story".

"The Dark Tower" labors with Roland and Jake wandering the desert, initially in search of a powerful seer to read Jake's mind, but it picks up steam when the pair venture to Keystone Earth. Tom Taylor as the young Jake Chambers is perfectly adequate.

"The Dark Tower film is a superficial adaption that, while not bad, fails to leave any sort of a lasting impression... a thoroughly average take on some truly incredible source material". I've been told that The Dark Tower books are jam-packed with dense plot, wonderful characters, and a sprawling mythology - which is what made the movie so hard to make for all these years.

IGN - The Dark Tower is a thoroughly average take on some truly incredible source material. We already know that the film will be a sequel to King's multi-genre novels, and now, there's some good news that would please long-time fans who may not like the libertie sthe film is taking with King's books. Matthew McConaughey plays the villainous Man in Black. The film's energy never flags; Jake runs from bad guys, finds a portal from NY to Mid-World, encounters the last gunslinger and battles monsters.

With multiple decision makers constantly undermining one-another, it seems no one was able to come to a consensus on much of anything.

"The Dark Tower" directed by Arcel and based off the popular Stephen King book series, follows a young Jake Chambers, played by Tom Taylor, as he seeks to prove himself sane by searching for the truth behind the odd dreams he's been having.

Unfortunately, it seems as though my initial suspicions about The Dark Tower not working may be borne out.

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