Typhoon Hato ravages Macau, worst storm since 1968

by Abel Hampton August 26, 2017, 1:19
Typhoon Hato ravages Macau, worst storm since 1968

Hong Kong and Macau could face another tropical storm in the coming days, though it is expected to be much milder in intensity compared to Typhoon Hato that battered the region on Wednesday.

One civil servant said: "The city looks like it was just in a war".

Port of Hong Kong suspended all operations amid Typhoon Hato's heavy wind and rain, according to the Maritime Executive.

Although Macau residents readily welcomed the help of the People's Liberation Army in cleaning and relief operations after Wednesday's devastating typhoon, the move is a cautionary warning to Hong Kong on being well-prepared for natural disasters, commentators said on Friday. The typhoon is the strongest storm in 53 years and caused massive damage to the city from strong wind and flooding, as well as leaving major districts without electricity for 24 hours.

"I am shocked with the late notice and lack of preparation that was given for this superstorm".

Fong Soi-kun, the director of Macau's Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau has resigned following the storm.

A man and a woman died after water flooded an underground auto park in Macau, the South China Morning Post reports.

Many of Macau's large casinos were relying on back-up generators.

At the very least, HKO said Hong Kong will experience cloudy weather with showers and squally thunderstorms on Sunday and Monday, when Pakhar is expected to be closest to the city.

Residents and government workers pick up polystyrene and other rubbish in Heng Fa Chuen in Hong Kong.

Severe flooding overwhelmed Macau, which is in the process of building new infrastructure such as a light rail, to cope with a surge in visitors. Macau has rapidly transformed since 1999 into a gambling hub many times larger than Las Vegas, with major USA casinos piling in.

Transportation remains in chaos, with damage to both of Macau's ferry terminals and roads crammed with traffic, and schools, museums and public venues remain closed. The death toll from Hato stands at nine, with scores of people still missing.

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