Tillerson on Gorka's Resignation Letter: 'Completely Wrong' in Assessment of Trump Policy

by Abel Hampton August 28, 2017, 0:56
Tillerson on Gorka's Resignation Letter: 'Completely Wrong' in Assessment of Trump Policy

Keep in mind multiple sources, including White House officials, have said that Gorka didn't resign but was in fact pushed out. Bannon was Trump's chief strategist but left after clashing with powerful aides including the president's family.

"So, we will be shifting our diplomatic and aid and development programs as well to coincide with the president's view that the Afghan government and that Afghan people must own their form of government", he said.

The Democratic campaign committee dedicated to electing members to the House is ratcheting up its rhetoric by referring to three White House advisers as "white nationalists".

Gorka had been working with the Trump team since the presidential campaign and was a close ally of Bannon's; he had previously been an editor at Breitbart News, the right-wing media outlet that Bannon led before joining Trump's team.

At virtually the same time that it was announced that Trump had pardoned one fascist, Joe Arpaio, another fascist, Sebastian Gorka, resigned his position and is leaving the White House.

Gorka wrote that "the individuals who most embodied and represented the policies that will 'Make America Great Again, ' have been internally countered, systematically removed, or undermined in recent months".

The Federalist, a conservative news publication, said Gorka had resigned and carried what it said was his resignation letter.

"And I realized after the president's speech this week on Afghanistan that he's not being well served", Gorka added.

"The fake news industrial complex is what we face today as Americans who believe in the founding principles of this nation", Gorka told Boyle.

From past reports, it appeared that the issue was his inability to get a security clearance, making it impossible for him to do substantive work on his claimed areas of expertise such as national security.

Gorka, 46, had been on vacation for at least the last two weeks, the officials said on the condition of anonymity. He held the title of Deputy Assistant to the President, but as a Bannonite who was brought over from Breitbart, his only job seemed to be to spread Islamophobia like a bad case of herpes.

Gorka echoed comments Bannon made after he left the administration regarding the officials who now occupy the West Wing. When a bomb exploded at a Mosque in outside of Minneapolis, Gorka defended Trump's silence on the attack by suggesting that it could have been a "fake hate crime".

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