Gujarat Rajya Sabha MLA elections: Congress challenges NOTA option

by Abel Hampton August 4, 2017, 0:14

Brushing off the claims made by the Congress, Jaitley said the raids had to take place in the resort since the Karnataka minister "parked" himself there. "Reasons best known to the Election Commission", Patel posted on Twitter. Whereas on Wednesday the Congress moved to the Supreme Court for seeking to ban the NOTA option i.e, None of the above option vote in the Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections.

The Congress said that there was a clear connection between the raids and the upcoming elections in Gujarat for three Rajya Sabha seats, while the I-T department said this was a pre-planned raid.

The Congress has also issued a whip to its MLAs to remain present on the day of the polling, failing which they will be debarred from the party for six years.

Patel, a veteran Congress leader from Gujarat had told NDTV that the BJP president, Amit Shah, had chose to ensure his defeat at any cost because the latter held him responsible for being jailed during the UPA regime.

As the raids on the resort triggered angry reactions from the Congress, the I-T department said the resort is not being raided.

The Congress has been protesting since the Election Commission has notified the NOTA option.

"Immediately thereafter, biennial elections to the Rajya Sabha were held in 16 states".

The IT department on Wednesday had raided Shivakumar's residence and at a private resort in Bengaluru where 44 Congress lawmakers from Gujarat are staying. The party has been out of power in the state since 1995.

BJP president Amit Shah today said there was no question of him leaving the party post and he was working "happily" and "wholeheartedly". Congress then flew its remaining 42 MLAs to a resort in Bengaluru to prevent further defections.

In the Rajya Sabha polls, the MLAs have to show their ballot paper to an authorised party agent before putting it in the ballot box.

Sharma hit back saying, "Timing of search is questionable, especially when it's on the minister and his brother who have been coordinating the safety and stay of Gujarat MLAs". "The use of NOTA option during the Rajya Sabha election has become an issue of debate among the political parties and therefore a proper consensus should be made before the use of NOTA in the Rajya Sabha election", the memorandum said. Gujarat assembly secretary DM Patel notified the use of NOTA on Monday prompting the Congress to see red.

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