Dog Owners' Plan to Push Back on Right-Wing Rally: Poop

by Abel Hampton August 26, 2017, 1:18
Dog Owners' Plan to Push Back on Right-Wing Rally: Poop

San Francisco and Berkeley aren't rolling out the welcome mats for two controversial rallies scheduled for this weekend.

The Patriot Prayer group will hold a "free speech" rally Saturday at Crissy Field, and the Guardian reports on an idea thought up by 45-year-old artist Tuffy Tuffington: to blanket the park with dog excrement.

Dog walkers are being invited to let their pet's shit freely on a beach where a right wing rally is due to take place this weekend.

There will be fences and a large physical separation between protesters and event supporters to prevent violence, and those attending will be searched, Gibson said.

Local lawmaker Mark Farrell, a driving force behind a "Laughter, Peace and Music" rally being hosted in the city's Civic Center, says his intention is to draw counter-protestors far from Crissy Field so that people can "celebrate our spirit in San Francisco in a way that does not give them any oxygen".

Gibson has written on Patriot Prayer's Facebook page that "no extremists will be allowed" into the event and that means "no Nazis, Communist, KKK, Antifa, white supremacist, I.E., or white nationalists".

"It's not just skin color or gender, I'm talking about tolerance of speech", said Gibson, who is Japanese-American.

But for many San Franciscans, an unwelcome visit from members of the "alt-right" is an opportunity to fight back in the spirit of the city by the bay - with flower power, drag queens, a little creativity, and an assist from the animal kingdom.

Crissy Field, here in San Francisco, will be packed for the Patriot Prayer group's "Freedom Rally" on Saturday, and city officials say they are doing everything they can to maintain safety at the far-right group's event. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) also condemned Patriot Prayer, which she wrote "attracts white nationalists and other hate groups to its rallies with the intent to provoke unrest between those groups and counter-protesters".

The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District will also close its southern parking lots, visitor center, The Bridge Café and the Round House all-day on Saturday.

"The shameful, anti-American trend of hate-filled extremist rallies will unfortunately be allowed to continue this weekend in our city", Lee said in a written statement. "That stuff gets on film and we send that film out so the country can see, they can see the insanity".

Left-wing counter-protesters are planning a march to Crissy Field. That event has not received a permit, and no one has applied for a permit for it, according to Berkeley officials. The Berkeley City Council has expanded the authority of police to confiscate eggs, sticks and other perceived weapons, a position defended by Berkeley's mayor despite the politically liberal city's reputation as the birthplace of the free speech movement and a bastion of tolerance. "So we are asking people to come stand against Marxism".

Rohrer acknowledges that "there might be people who want to go there to have a violent encounter".

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