Dad creates app so son can't ignore his texts

by Lawrence Cooper August 25, 2017, 0:09
Dad creates app so son can't ignore his texts

"If you want to know where some socks are, send a text message and I can reply when I can, '" he told CBS News. The frustrated father developed an app which would force the kid to answer his phone calls.

Nick Herbert, the app's creator, shares why he created it.

That means, on iPhones, the alarm will only sound if the app is running in the background.

"However, what I thought was a solution turned into a different problem".

He created ReplyASAP, an app that triggers the phone's alarm even on silent mode and doesn't stop ringing unless the recipient opens the message. And, tbh, we're not sure they'd be too keen on that idea.Plus, while the app is free, you've got to pay for the number of people you want to connect with.

Herbert said Ben has gotten used to the app, which so far has only been used to tell the teen to come downstairs for dinner. That is, unless they get distracted and "forget" to respond, which leaves you in a state of panic. You could use it among your friends if you needed quickly contact them about something, or use it to find your phone when you've misplaced it at home.

Kids won't be able to access other functions on the phone until acknowledging their parents' text, by pressing a button on the takeover page, notifying parents that "they have definitely seen your message", Herbert said.

ReplyASAP was recently launched on Android devices in the United States by inventor Nick Herbert, himself the father of a teenage son.

There is now an app that will allow parents to lay the smack-down on kids who ignore all efforts to communicate via smartphones.

The app is now only available for Android, but fear not, iPhone users, plans to roll the app out on IOS in the next week or so are now in the works. The app takes over the screen and triggers an alarm.

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