Cummins Embarrasses Tesla by Unveiling This Monstrous New Electric Big Rig

by Edgar Hayes August 31, 2017, 5:28
Cummins Embarrasses Tesla by Unveiling This Monstrous New Electric Big Rig

Cummins also says it will introduce a new heavy-duty diesel engine in 2022.

He expects the market for electric vehicles to expand to school buses, refuse trucks and short-haul semis. Supposedly, Tesla's electric semi is meant to work as part of an autonomous fleet of electric trucks trailing one lead vehicle.

United States engine maker Cummins said it has left Tesla behind in the race to develop an all-electric engine for large trucks.

The battery's capacity is 140 kilowatt-hours, which is enough for about 100 miles of range, although an extended-range version is also being developed.

Cummins Shows Off Future Tech
Cummins unveils new fully-electric semi

Dubbed the Urban Hauler Tractor, the concept is a fully electric class 7 truck with a maximum payload of 44,000 pounds, which will enter production around the end of the decade. Word is that the electric big rig can go up to 300 miles per charge making it appropriate for regional deliveries.

Designed as a Class 7 semi, the 18,000-pound big rig known as AEOS is created to move freight locally, over short hauls. Extra battery packs can extend the range to about 300 miles for longer routes if necessary. Cummins says it takes an hour to recharge the AEOS' giant 140-kWh battery but expects advancements in technology to bring the wait to just 20 minutes by 2020. However, it's important to mention Cummins will not actually build the trucks as instead it will supply the entire battery electronics system and is going to purchase the battery cells from a yet unknown provider. Power-saving and drag-reducing features like roof-mounted solar panels, regenerative braking and low rolling resistance tires can increase that range even more.

Cummins officials said the engine options offer a 50 percent fuel savings compared to today's diesel hybrids with zero emissions.

Development of a high-efficiency spark-ignited technology that can deliver diesel-like performance and durability across a range of liquid fuels, like ethanol, methanol, and gasoline, while meeting the most stringent emissions requirements.

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