Bill Nye Suing Disney for $9 Million

by Edgar Hayes August 28, 2017, 0:53
Bill Nye Suing Disney for $9 Million

Bill Nye filed a $37 million lawsuit against the Walt Disney Co. and a number of its subsidiaries Thursday, alleging that he was deprived of $9 million in profits from his show, "Bill Nye the Science Guy", which originally ran from 1993 to 1998 on PBS. Nye said in the suit that, "the disturbing size of the supposed 'accounting error, ' coupled with the seeming indifference of both BVT and WDC, left Nye suspicious of the veracity of the accounting". As Variety reports, the educational TV host has been attempting to audit Science Guy " s profits since 2008, the year he received a $585,123 check from Disney, only to be informed that he owed the company $496,111 due to an "accounting error". The scientist then took it open himself to investigate the Disney accounts and hired an auditor to look into the companies accounts. Now, he's currently blowing people's minds on the critically acclaimed Netflix series Bill Nye Saves the World. "Nevertheless", the suit continues, "[Buena Vista] and [Disney] steadfastly refused to negotiate, instead taunting Mr. Nye to audit [Buena Vista's] accounting, knowing that [Buena Vista] and [Disney] would make such an audit unduly burdensome, costly, and time consuming".

Two decades after production wrapped up, Nye has accused Disney of fraud and breach of contract in a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. However, according to his complaint, the company misclassified revenues and expenses in an effort to lessen that number, violating the terms of the agreement. Disney responded that Nye would have to wait "potentially three to four years" because the company was "backlogged with audits", according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Nye claims that he has suffered damages of at least $9.4 million, while the defendants enriched themselves with "ill-gotten" profits of over $28 million.

Bill Nye attends the Disney Junior and XPRIZE launch of "Miles from Tomorrowland: Space Missions" at the New York Hall of Science, in New York.

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