3 wounded in shooting at popular park in San Francisco, police say

by Frankie Norman August 5, 2017, 0:13
3 wounded in shooting at popular park in San Francisco, police say

San Francisco police plan to increase patrols at Dolores Park in response to yesterday's triple shooting.

Brent Andrew, San Francisco Common Hospital spokesman said one of the victims is been released after a treatment, another victim is a minor and will remain hospitalized, the third victim also a male is in critical condition, other than this Andrew hasn't provided any other information about the victims.

Some witnesses said that they saw about half a dozen men wearing bandanas shouting and acting threateningly on a park bridge, moments before the gunshots rang out.

Two people directly behind him were struck, one in the head and another in the leg, Hatter said, while he escaped with a leg injury, possibly from a fragment of a ricocheting bullet.

Police say that the 37-year-old man suffered life-threatening injuries, and the other two suffered non-life threatening injuries. SFGate reported. Soon after, witnesses said, one of the men pulled out a handgun and fired six to seven rounds in rapid succession. She says once people realized gunshots were erupting, they started running in a panic.

"I normally can handle (myself) well in these situations, but I was pretty sure I had just lost my life", he said.

A motive has not been determined for the Thursday shooting.

Juhasz claims to have seen two of the victims, one man, who appeared to be bleeding from his chest and another who was being helped by paramedics. The park was packed with families, children and tourists when the gunman or gunmen opened fire on the pedestrian bridge off Church Street around 3 p.m.

She said to the newspaper that she heard popping sounds that she first associated with fireworks.

No suspect is in custody, and the area is under investigation as an active crime scene; police are asking drivers to avoid the area and are setting up a command post nearby.

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