200 cows die: Owner of cow shelter arrested

by Abel Hampton August 21, 2017, 3:58
200 cows die: Owner of cow shelter arrested

"My gaushala (cow shelter) is overcrowded".

About 200 cows have allegedly died at Shagun Gaushala in Chhattisgarh's Durg district over the last week.

The Congress on Sunday demanded sacking of Chhattisgarh Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Minister Brijmohan Agarwal over the death of about 173 cows in the government-aided cowsheds in Durg and Bemetara districts.

He also alleged that the state government did not provide the money for the shelter which he has been demanding for 2 years.

Speculation was rife that the cows were buried in many trenches in a bid to cover up the severe incidence of neglect. Villagers, however, alleged that the number of deaths would be 200 and a lot of them have been buried near the shelter. Verma is a vice chairman of Jamul Nagar Palika Officials from Gau Sewa Aayog and veterinarians visited the shelter in Dhamda on Saturday and were shocked to learn that Verma runs two more shelters in Bemetara district. I had intimated the government many a time that I am not able to feed them, but all went in vain.

While the Gau Seva Ayog would register a case in this regard, the malaise has been laid bare in the Chhattisgarh cow shelter deaths episode. An official said Verma buried carcasses by the dozen in a number of ditches and the probe team found tractor trolleys full of cow carcasses near the cow shelters. Patel has ordered shifting of more than 500 cows to neighbouring shelters.

The shocking incident has revealed blatant cruelty - where the cows were left with no fodder and water for around two days.

Even though the cattle trade restriction has been stayed by the Supreme Court, its impact has been one of fear and loathing among the masses, with farmers fearing transporting cows for the threat it poses to their own lives. "If people are running Gaushalas by taking financial aid from the government and not caring the cows, then we were compelled to take such action". Real love for animals would never let anyone kill in the name of a fellow creature.

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