Toyota reportedly set to release fast-charging, long-range electric cars by 2022

by Edgar Hayes July 26, 2017, 0:50
Toyota reportedly set to release fast-charging, long-range electric cars by 2022

One of the big fears of going electric is their limited range. The Japanese auto manufacturer is working on a battery created to add range and to charge an electric vehicle in a matter of minutes, according to Chunichi Shimbun Daily.

Toyota has not commented on Chunichi Shimbun's report directly, but a company spokeswoman told Reuters that Toyota seeks to commercialize solid-state batteries by the early 2020s. This will thus be a long-range fast-charging electric auto. Plus solid-state batteries use solid electrolytes than than liquid ones, which make them safer than lithium-ion batteries. Electric vehicles now use lithium-ion batteries, so it will be interesting to see if Toyota manages to push all-solid-state batteries to mainstream production.

A new type of battery being developed by Toyota might just be the solution to those problems. Solid-state batteries could soon show up in several new EVs, since the batteries have greater energy density and faster charging times.

Batteries remain a key limiting factor for electric vehicle design, because of how far tech companies focused on the problem have pushed existing science.

Solid-state batteries appear to be the answer.

Quoting the newspaper, Automotive News says the battery will be used in an all-electric vehicle that will be based on a new platform and will arrive in the beginning of the next decade, most likely in 2022. BMW also has plans to use the new batteries but said production won't be ready until 2026 with long-term durability testing standing in the way.

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