Quake off North Korea 'no way' caused by nuke test

by Abel Hampton July 14, 2017, 0:24
Quake off North Korea 'no way' caused by nuke test

An natural disaster of magnitude 5.8 occurred East of the coast of North Korea in the sea of Japan.

The tremor occurred some 200 kilometers southeast of the North Korean city of Chongjin at a depth of 560 kilometers below the seabed, it said.

Information on possible victims and destructions did not arrive.

According to Reuters, shortly after the situation stabilized, the experts took into consideration the possibility the natural phenomenon could've been triggered by a new nuclear test.

Earthquakes are rare on the Korean Peninsula, unlike in neighbouring Japan. The previous occasion when a large quake hit this area of the Sea of Japan was thought to be in 2004. "It's a natural quake", John Bellini, USGS National quake Information Center geophysicist, was quoted by local news agency Yonhap.

People walk by a screen showing the news reporting about an quake near North Korea's nuclear facility, in Seoul, South Korea, Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016. South Korea's Defense Ministry said there was no indication that North Korea had carried out a nuclear test.

North Korea has conducted five underground nuclear tests since 2006.

The Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued no alerts as a result of the quake.

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