Philippine mayor, 6 others killed in drug raids

by Abel Hampton July 31, 2017, 0:27
Philippine mayor, 6 others killed in drug raids

He was killed along with his wife, his brother and nine others in a dawn raid, police said.

He later apologised for his Hitler reference, but said he was "emphatic" about wanting to kill drug users.

Parojinog is the third Philippine mayor to be killed in the government's bloody narcotics crackdown, in which Duterte has singled out local officials. Both are tagged as drug lords.

Sen. Panfilo "Ping" M. Lacson finds the circumstances surrounding the death of Parojinog and 11 other persons more credible than that of Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa.

The grenade explosion, he said, was possibly hurled by cops to scare away the people who were allegedly trying to prevent the cops from planting evidence.

Mr Duterte took office just over a year ago following an election campaign in which he promised to kill tens of thousands in order to put an end to the illegal drugs trade.

Two other mayors included in Duterte's drug matrix were killed a year ago.

Reynaldo Parojinog, mayor of the city of Ozamiz in the southern Philippines, died in a firefight at his home after his security personnel shot at drug enforcement officers, who had come to arrest him and three members of his family, according to the Philippine National Police.

Mayor Reynaldo Parojinig, his wife Susan Parojinig, brother Board Member Octavio Parojinig Jr., Camerman JR Millanar of Lumad TV and the Ozamiz Information center, Mona Parojinig, Miguel Del Victoria, Nestor Cabalan, Daniel Vasquez, "Inting", and four other unidentified people were killed in raids in barangays Baybay San Roque and Baybay Santa Cruz around 2:30 a.m., Ozamiz City stringer Thata Roxas from the Mindanaoan Broadcasting Channel told CNN Philippines.

Duterte said he would be "happy to slaughter" three million drug addicts, and likened his campaign to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler's efforts to exterminate Jews in Europe.

Officers recovered grenades, ammunition as well as illegal drugs in the raid, according to police provincial chief Jaysen De Guzman.

The authorities had a search warrant for the mayor, his daughter Nova Parojinog - the Vice Mayor of the city - and several other family members.

The controversial president, known to use expletives during interviews and speeches, ran on a promise to eradicate his country's long-standing problem with drugs. But on Sunday, 15 people were killed in Zamboanga in a drug raid.

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Human rights groups and Western governments have strongly criticized the drug war, citing lack of due process and killings that largely targeted the poor. No warrant. No judge.

'The extraordinary brutality of the Duterte drug war is undeniable, ' it said in a statement released last week.

McGovern also said that someone with Duterte's abysmal human rights record should not be invited to the United States. So what makes that guy think I'll go to America?

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