Kenyan marathoner outruns two black bears while training in the woods

by Abel Hampton July 10, 2017, 0:05
Kenyan marathoner outruns two black bears while training in the woods

ME is fast proving it's the scariest state in America for runners.

Two black bears were determined to catch Moninda Maruma who was on a practice run in the woods.

Black bears have killed 61 people in North America since 1900, according to the North American Bear Centre, a nonprofit organisation that works to ensure the survival of bears worldwide.

The bears were likely heading to the lake for a drink.

Moninda Marube said when he saw the bears early Wednesday his instincts kicked in and he did what he does best: run.

By the time he reached the unoccupied house, the bears were within 10 yards of him, Marube told the Sun Journal.

Wildlife experts say you can't outrun a bear so they advise you to stand your ground, yell and scream, and wave your arms. "I fear swimming. I fear water". He also considered climbing a tree but remembered the beasts could also climb it.

The panicking runner instead sought shelter in a vacant camp building. "It's not the house that helped me", he said. "It's God that saved me".

A man out on his morning run was chased by bears in Auburn.

He said that at that moment, he knew he had to quickly decide between three options: climb a nearby tree, run back the way he came, or dive into a lake nearby.

Marube told the Journal that the bears charged him as soon as he turned his back to them to run.

He said he fled Kenya in the aftermath of the violence that accompanied the 2007 elections.

Marube who is a professional runner in the U.S. moved to the in 2010 after escaping the post election violence in Kenya.

He eventually broke with the manager and was befriended by a track coach in Auburn who helped Mr Marube establish himself in ME, the Press Herald reported.

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