Houston Nutt Sues Ole Miss

by Steven Clarke July 14, 2017, 0:24
Houston Nutt Sues Ole Miss

"Our administration, we believe, has taken appropriate action", Freeze said.

Ole Miss released a statement Wednesday stating that it has yet to be served with the suit.

Nutt, 59, alleges the smear campaign by Ole Miss has kept him from getting another coaching job and that under MS law he is entitled to lost wages, emotional distress, embarrassment, attorney's fees and punitive damages.

One of the biggest storylines of the week in the SEC world is the lawsuit former Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt filed on Wednesday against the school.

When the Notice of Allegations was made public more than four months later, there were 13 football violations alleged by the NCAA, nine of them while Freeze was head coach.

"I would love to share my options on it, but it's a legal case, and I just can't comment".

It fed a doomed campaign for empathy that's been wobbling along for awhile now; For the fifth time in six years, Freeze said, he had to field questions he wished didn't exist. But you can't, we've got to be responsible for the areas in which we were deficient in, that we didn't, that we didn't either react or act properly, or whether it was staff or whether it was boosters. Nutt is seeking unspecified punative damages.

In the 22-page suit, Nutt alleges Ole Miss violated his 2011 severance agreement with the university by making statements tenure damaging or harmful to his reputation. The team's self-imposed bowl ban came after the NCAA charged the program with a lack of institutional control.

The lawsuit alleges that Freeze, athletic director Ross Bjork and others were "determined to deflect and delay the potential damage" from the NCAA investigation while the program was trying to maintain momentum and recruit at a high level. "The sources who lied to [the reporter] before he wrote this story did so for the objective of creating a false public narrative that would deflect the heat created by the NCAA investigation from coach Freeze to coach Nutt". Ole Miss players at Media Days rallied behind their coach. The Houston Nutt case and the NCAA scandal facing the school are both relevant, and while they might be uncomfortable to talk about, I doubt it's the last time he'll be asked to speak about them. I have never been around a group of guys and coaches that have worked as hard as we have in the spring and summer.

"We don't pay attention to anything", said offensive lineman Javon Patterson.

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