GOP fears political fallout after health care 'epic fail'

by Abel Hampton July 31, 2017, 0:33
GOP fears political fallout after health care 'epic fail'

What can be expected from the health care bill?

"This is a high-wire act", Cornyn said.

He campaigned on repealing and replacing "Obamacare" at the very beginning of his presidency.

Shares of health insurers, which had fought against the bill's proposed repeal of the mandate that Americans obtain insurance, were up.

For seven years, many Republicans and conservative groups have pushed a story line that wasn't completely true about the Congressional debate on the Obama health law - that few hearings were held, that the bill text was kept a secret until the bitter end, that the House and Senate votes were done in the middle of the night, and more.

Moreover, the bill would leave no federal funds for the reproductive rights organisation "Planned Parenthood" and would give states flexibility in complying with some of the protections guaranteed by Obamacare.

Johnson, who has been critical of Senate GOP leaderships' handling of the process, was the last Senate Republican to cast their vote on a procedural motion that allows the debate to move forward.

The "Skinny Repeal" legislation was finally unveiled by Senate Republicans around 10 p.m. EDT Thursday, and it would have repealed the individual and employer mandates of the Affordable Care Act.

Rather than a full repeal, they went with a "skinny repeal". The blame hardly falls on one side or the other.

President Donald Trump has come down hard on his fellow Republicans for failing to act on Obamacare, something he repeatedly promised to repeal and replace during his presidential campaign past year.

Several Republican senators said this is the path they foresee, which would put off final decisions on what the legislation would eventually look like.

Ryan responded not long after with a discursive and far from definitive statement that blamed the Senate for being unable to pass anything, but said, "if moving forward requires a conference committee, that is something the House is willing to do".

President Trump, speaking at a news conference with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri in the Rose Garden, pronounced himself "extremely happy" and predicted, "We're going to come up with a plan that's really, really wonderful for the American people". This was in the midst of an overnight "Vote-a-Rama" on health care.

Trump, of course, had insulted McCain back in 2015.

Tonight's failed vote is a testament to your power - the power of the people, which we all know is greater than the people in power. They don't believe people should never go bankrupt because they get sick. "A disappointment indeed. I regret that our efforts were simply not enough this time". The expectation is that he will bring up a series of amendments, including a straight-up repeal and fuller replacement legislation, to see where consensus may lie.

Representative Chris Collins of NY, a member of House Republicans' moderate Tuesday Group, said he'd prefer a bare-bones repeal of Obamacare "if comes down to that or nothing".

But earlier in the day, some Republicans saw this concept as a means to advance the debate.

Republican candidates in highly conservative states such as Montana and Kansas won, but not by a lot - even as, in most cases, their opponents lacked the support of the national Democratic party. "The swamp. But we'll get it done". "16 million Americans would lose their health insurance, and millions more would pay a 20 percent increase in their premiums".

There are limited options for directly punishing the renegade senators - John McCain of Arizona, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine. "It's the reality we face".

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