Ex-Georgian president Saakashvili stripped of Ukrainian citizenship

by Abel Hampton July 28, 2017, 0:12
Ex-Georgian president Saakashvili stripped of Ukrainian citizenship

The President added that as far as he was informed, the reason for the refusal of Saakashvilis extradition was a lack of information pertaining to his alleged crimes.

Saakashvili, whose country fought a war with Russian Federation in 2008 while he was president and who is loathed by the Kremlin, was once a natural ally for Poroshenko after Moscow annexed Ukraine's Crimea region in 2014. Ironically, Poroshenko praised his corruption-fighting record in Georgia when he appointed Saakashvili to head the Odessa region in 2015.

The erstwhile allies became estranged a year ago when Saakashvili resigned his governorship, alleging corruption on the part of Poroshenko and other government officials.

"I felt sad when Saakashvili renounced citizenship of Georgia because the country's former first man who has been elected president twice must have Georgian citizenship".

That "will never happen", Saakashvili, who had written in Facebook on July 25 that he was in the United States, said in the video.

Saakashvili also said that by annulling his citizenship, Poroshenko "signed off on his own demise". Georgia is seeking his extradition to face charges - which he says are politically motivated - connected to the violent dispersal of protests and a raid on a private television station.

He blamed his former university friend Poroshenko of betrayal, accusing his government of corruption and sabotaging crucial reforms in Ukraine.

Ukraine's State Migration Service announced on Wednesday that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko had issued a decree revoking the citizenship of Georgian-born Saakashvili while he was in the United States.

Saakashvili, who is now in NY, according to his representative Zoe Reyners, slammed the decision, saying in a Facebook post that "there is an attempt under way to force me to become a refugee". "I love Ukraine with all my heart and I will continue fighting here, in our Ukraine, no matter what!". In 2014, Saakashvili was officially charged for his role in several crimes in Georgia, however by the time his case went through court he was already in Ukraine.

"Saakashvili will be forced to seek refuge in America and forget about American politics", Leshchenko said.

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