trolls Trump's climate decision

by Edgar Hayes June 5, 2017, 1:21 trolls Trump's climate decision

Basically, The Weather Channel does not screw around when it comes to climate change.

The Weather Channel's website,, is still using its homepage to protest Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Accord.

The Weather Channel, an American news network, dedicated its website to explaining just how disastrous Trump's decision was. is now awash in stories detailing the effects of climate change on the planet. All of the content focuses on the impact of the climate accord and on climate change in general. "Still Don't Care? He's Proof You Should".

The Weather Channel is not taking that news very well.

Political cartoonists also took the opportunity to point out what sort of situation Trump was leading the world into by ignoring the real and present danger posed by climate change.

Trump announced Thursday he would withdraw from the Paris accord, but he also said the USA may rejoin the agreement if they can get a fair deal.

This move by is reminiscent of NASA, the National Parks Service and other government agencies that went rogue with unauthorized Twitter accounts after the Trump administration placed restrictions regarding communication with the public. They clicked through to stories about how rising sea levels and salt water are "dooming a wilderness" and about how the California coastline is being swept away by rising sea levels.

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