Uber makes it easier to arrange trips for other riders

by Lawrence Cooper June 28, 2017, 1:24
Uber makes it easier to arrange trips for other riders

Uber heard our plea and finally granted us our wish, we can now "Request for a Guest", and it's available starting today.

Considering all the ride-sharing options we have at our fingertips, Uber's new feature seems long overdue.

The feature is now rolling out in the USA, but it should be available in 30 other countries at the same time, including India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines.

The app, for instance, assumes customers might be requesting a ride for another individual if they select a pickup location that differs from their current whereabouts.

Talking about grandmas, Uber is marketing the new feature as ideal for "senior loved ones", claiming its research showed users were clamoring after the feature to help older family members to get around. From here, you select the rider from your address book, assign their destination, and boom, you're done. Uber will charge the person who ordered the ride. It's worth noting that Uber automatically applies this protection to the rider's contact info, too, so both parties' information remains concealed.

The rider will then receive a text message when their auto is on the way, as well as contact details for the driver, and a link to track their route. The other concessions include reducing the cancellation grace period from five minutes to two, so drivers already en route to pick up a rider will collect more in fees if the rider decides to cancel.

"Uber recently launched a new app called Freight" as a new way of branching into something a bit different from what it is well known for. The driver receives the rider's name and can contact them directly, but they don't have their phone number. Also, the company said Uber Freight won't charge drivers a commission, thereby eliminating issues that have affected its business model in the last couple of years.

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