Tim Farron quits as leader of Liberal Democrats

by Abel Hampton June 15, 2017, 1:37
Tim Farron quits as leader of Liberal Democrats

Farron had reportedly penned a resignation speech for after the general election last week but after the Lib Dems gained some seats in the aftermath, he made a decision to hold off on the announcement. "I've tried to answer with grace and patience".

His resignation means that he follows Ukip's Paul Nuttall as the second party leader to resign in the wake of the election result.

Farron came under pressure on the campaign trail when he refused to directly answer if he believed being gay is a sin.

An evangelical Christian, Farron was quizzed during the campaign about his views on whether he believed gay sex was a sin rather than on his socially progressive policies, which included legalizing cannabis.

"To be a political leader".

Farron, party leader since July 2015, said he was stepping down because it was "impossible" for him to reconcile his faith with the liberal leanings of his party.

"There are Christians in politics who take the view that they should impose the tenets of faith on society, but I have not taken that approach because I disagree with it - it's not liberal and it is counterproductive when it comes to advancing the gospel".

TIM Farron has resigned as the leader of the Lib Dems after less than a year in the post, it has emerged.

"When I get asked theological questions, which I don't think many other politicians do get asked, I took the view that it would be better for me to say this is a matter of theological nitpicking, and let's talk about the politics".

The Liberal Democrats gained four seats in last week's election, bringing their total to 12.

In a Q&A with PinkNews before the election, Mr Farron said: "I am a proud advocate of LGBT equality and have a track record that demonstrates that".

Mr Farron will continue to serve as Lib Dem leader until Parliament's summer recess, when a party leadership election will be held.

But the early favourite with the bookies is Jo Swinson, who was a junior minister in the Coalition government.

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