"The Bachelorette" recap: Lee's finally sent home

by Wade Massey June 29, 2017, 1:11

"The last couple of weeks have not been the greatest, he told Rachel, "and I'm not 100 percent confident in where we at".

The second half of The Bachelorette two part episode did not fail to entertain.

If there's one thing ABC does right its give viewers what they want.

"You are so attractive and when I look into your eyes-I just want to grow old with you and I really mean that, Rachel".

Kenny was not the only one fed up with Lee's attitude. He tells Rachel that Kenny tried to pull him out of a van and that his "dark side" comes out when he's drinking. Everyone believes you, Kenny.

"I don't feel that it's fair just to drag you along."
The guys, aided by just the two most charming "viking teachers"(?), are all rough-housing and competing in contests like "wrestling" and "one-legged wrestling" and "stick wrestling" when Kenny and Adam have a chummy sword-and-shield battle that ends with the two getting cute matching eye scabs.

Eric Bigger, a 29-year-old personal trainer from Los Angeles, CA, allegedly finished in third place, and Dean Unglert, a 26-year-old startup recruiter from Venice, CA, claimed fourth place. Lee drama. As the tension between the former friends was still apparent in the mansion, Will made a decision to pull Lee aside in order to explain to him why he was coming off as, you know, racist.

He will when Kenny beats his white ass...maybe? Rachel is understandably confused, so she goes full lawyer to get to the bottom of it. To say Jack has zero social cues would be an understatement. I don't know who I'd be if my mom didn't love me.

Rachel revealed to reporters before The Bachelorette premiered on May 22 that she's very happy and in love with her final pick.

Kenny called Lee a snake and said "I feel sorry for Lee's parents", because they have to watch their son act like this.

The two swooned over each other for a while and Rachel eventually gave him the date rose. To this day, Jack is probably still wondering where he went wrong and Rachel is probably still waiting for her restraining order to go through. Iggy's crying was truly bad.

Heading into the rose ceremony, Rachel admitted that she was feeling "really guilty" about all of this week's eliminations - and the fact that she had one more ahead of her wasn't helping.

During Eric's one-on-one date with Rachel, they hit it off while touring Copenhagen and enjoying the games at Tivoli Gardens. Thankfully, we get an nearly immediate Bryan interlude, during which he continues to charm Rachel's socks off and make my ovaries flutter.

They stopped to smooch in mid-air. I see no Real Chilis there. Nevertheless, he gets a rose. Well, now you know! The date reportedly ends with an unexpected event. The guys wore some ugly tight onesies and played handball in an indoor gymnasium.

Then, Will makes an admission that he's mostly dated white women in the past. Rachel can't control that, say, Anthony was a very nice but also very bland person that she didn't feel sparks with (the same is true for most of the white guys she eliminated), while she clearly wants to jump into a hot tub and make out with Peter.

Not much else noteable occurs, other than Dean - the smiley fan favorite and legit contender for Rachel's heart - wearing a jock strap outside of his uniform, which isn't how that works.

"It's such a struggle", she said about the goodbyes. She can't understand why Kenny chose to return to confront Lee when she gave him an easy out - could he be as confrontational as Lee said? What do you think this is - a fantasy suite date? The truth is, he doesn't want to grow old with her.

He cracked on President Trump's hands: "I don't got them Donald Trump hands". However, their beef was reignited during the group date's rose hand out. Better luck next time. What a surprise. Lee, the amateur psychologist, immediately starts trying to intimidate Kenny about their forthcoming smaller date, saying, "I just can't recall a two-on-one that's ever resulted in two people coming back". Kenny wept while video chatting his daughter. He gets the boot, and my face muscles are better off for it - cringing is exhausting. He was baffled by Lee's claims. She hugs Lee goodbye and leads Kenny to the helicopter.

Kenny told Rachel he was missing his daughter and the bachelorette and wrestler mutually agreed that he should go home.

Kenny and Lee later had a separate group date with Rachel. Not exactly. Kenny and Lee continue to take jabs at each other when Rachel leaves. I guess section 187 of the California Penal Code means murder. I'm talking freaky cackling noises and unusual metaphors comparing himself to an ocean. There was no dramatic shot like Ashley I. sobbing alone in the Badlands as Chris flew away in a helicopter. Heightening the tension to the point where these two guys beat the hell out of each other?

The Bachelorette is back after that episode four cliffhanger with Lee and Kenny.

Except a preview shows blood pouring out of Kenny's forehead. How is this even a date?

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