Texas police seize 600 pounds of meth-laced lollipops

by Abel Hampton June 15, 2017, 1:38
Texas police seize 600 pounds of meth-laced lollipops

According to the Harris County Sheriff's Office, officers were responding to a anxious neighbor's call about what appeared to be a home invasion, when they discovered a man and a woman taking the drug candy from the house and shoving it into a vehicle in the driveway. When they arrived, they detained Evonne Christine Mick and David Salinas, who police suspected of breaking into the house, per KIAH. The suspects could not even close the vehicle's trunk they attempted to flee due to the amount of candy inside.

The police were responding to a report that a home was being burglarized, and noticed a man and woman taking the lollipops out of the house. Inside, they found 600 pounds of meth pops in the shape of butterflies, flowers, Star Wars characters and the Batman logo, Diaz said. "It appears the candy was meant to be distributed among children and/or sold to juveniles". They may look like tasty treats but investigators say they are risky.

Detectives seized about $1 million in meth.

Police say each lollipop can sell for as much as $20-$40.

"And even if they were not sold directly to a child, what if these lollipops were dropped anywhere in the neighborhood?" Knowing the drugs were inside, officers speculate the suspects returned to burglarize the house and steal the sweets inside.

Mick was charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Investigators said the meth was manufactured inside the home, which is located near a school.

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