Orange Is the New Black Sesame Street Parody is Brilliant

by Wade Massey June 10, 2017, 8:09
Orange Is the New Black Sesame Street Parody is Brilliant

If you watch Orange is the New Black, you know last year's season finale was insane. The rest of the season unfolds over the following three days, and one thing is crystal clear: This is a prison riot, and there's no escape. The show may meander a bit, but it's still rewarding. Rather than Piper Chapman becoming a new inmate at Litchfield Correctional Facility, Piper Snackman is a new student at Litchfield Academy.

Things cranked into overdrive in Season 4, a creative decision that likely has to do with Piper's dwindling prison sentence and the surplus of extra inmates and guards.

Daya had initially turned the gun on a group of white supremacists, who provided much of the conflict for the season, but instead targeted the guards, deciding they were her real enemy.

Someone has to die, right? A killer virus needs to wipe through a wing of Litchfield for the sake of narrative clarity.

Once again, we're marveling at the creative minds over at Sesame Street for showing us that in every show, there's a basic, kid-appropriate lesson to be found. The show has always, infamously, toed the line between being a comedy and a drama; anyone would agree it's hard to find things uproariously amusing in prison. The gall! This season is the same but with more prison nooky.

The riot will unfold throughout the new episodes, as the residents of Litchfield reel from the death of a black prisoner during a protest that turned fatal.

Your next TV binge is just one day away and everyone is asking, "When does OITNB come out?"

Fans weren't happy after the scenes, and now it turns out that there was even some discord on the set of "OITNB", with creator Kohan facing the wrath of her cast. Fingers crossed this season we're have episodes focusing on Big Boo, Yoga Jones, Alison, Angie, Anita and Stephanie who we're desperate to find out more about!

"We filmed this season while the campaign and election was happening in the States and I think that informed our work". Surprise! You forgot about all those characters who haven't been given their own flashback episodes yet. Some are in it for the drugs they can steal.

This loss not only affected her best friend, Taystee, played by Danielle Brooks, but also Emmy-winner Uzo Aduba's Crazy Eyes, whom Poussey was trying to help before her death. Her tactic? Going viral.

A prison riot shouldn't put you to sleep.

According to Movie Pilot, Prepon directed the 10th episode in Season 5, which could open a few doors for life after Alex Vause.

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