Nicola Sturgeon to 'reset' indyref2 plans

by Jared Lewis June 30, 2017, 0:18
Nicola Sturgeon to 'reset' indyref2 plans

Nicola Sturgeon has abandoned her demands for a new independence referendum before the Brexit deal is signed, after her party suffered heavy defeats in the general election.

Sturgeon told the Scottish assembly she had listened carefully to those who were concerned about Brexit but had not wanted another independence vote immediately and were anxious about a lack of political clarity.

Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed that a second vote on Scottish independence will be postponed. "We will seek to support, engage and grow the movement, and build the case that having decisions made by us - not for us - offers the best future for Scotland".

Sturgeon stated her focus will be on ensuring Scotland has a voice in Brexit negotiations and trying to secure a place in the single market.

"Is it not now clear that the only refresh that Scotland needs and the only way to move beyond constitutional turmoil is for an outraged Scotland to be done with this First Minister and done with this failing Scottish Government?"

In March, the First Minister vowed to give Scots a second chance to vote on leaving the United Kingdom by the time of European Union withdrawal in spring 2019 - after insisting Scotland rejected Theresa May's plans for a hard Brexit.

Ms Sturgeon said that by "ignoring" the Barnett formula, Scotland would lose out on around £2.9bn for public services while the Welsh Government estimates put its loss at £1.67bn.

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson insisted Ms Sturgeon was "in denial" and "leaking credibility".

"But rather to give them a choice at the end of the Brexit process, when that clarity has emerged".

"She's saying one thing to one people, all those people who gave her a hammering at the ballot box at the General Election, took away half a million votes from her party, took away 21 seats because they don't want another in referendum". It won 35 of Scotland's 59 seats, down from 56 two years earlier.

The Scottish Labour party also called for equal funding commitments for Scotland from the British government to end public spending cuts. "The mandate we have is beyond doubt, but deciding exactly how and when to exercise it is a matter of judgment".

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