Michelle Carter's lawyers aiming for acquittal Friday, before they call any witnesses

by Wade Massey June 11, 2017, 0:54
Michelle Carter's lawyers aiming for acquittal Friday, before they call any witnesses

On Thursday, prosecutors introduced the text messages they say support the criminal charge. Carter is charged with involuntary manslaughter for encouraging 18-y.

On the day he died, she went to the beach with Conrad and his sisters, Roy testified.

For months, she and Roy discussed various ways of committing suicide, the level of pain one might endure, and the likelihood that the attempt would be successful, according to text messages presented in court Thursday. "I was talking to him while he killed himself".

Carter's lawyers have said that Roy was a troubled teen who had attempted suicide multiple times. Authorities say Roy used that, along with a water pump, to fill his pickup truck with carbon monoxide.

Roy's body was found July 13, 2014, in the parking lot of a Kmart in Fairhaven, almost 40 miles from his home.

Michelle Carter's text messages became increasingly dark in the days preceding her boyfriend's suicide, including talk of the most effective methods and her apparent doubt and frustration about whether he was up to the task.

But Mr Cataldo reminded the judge, who will be determining the verdict after Ms Carter opted to forgo a jury trial, that MA is one of about 10 states that do not criminalise assisted suicide. At one point, she expressed annoyance that Roy hadn't yet killed himself.

But after he began taking medication and went to counseling, he seemed much better, Lynn Roy said. They cited a domestic violence incident involving Roy and his father, according to the Boston Herald.

Prosecutors say Carter bombarded Roy with texts and urged him to take his life because she wanted attention.

"But I'm exhausted of you not taking this seriously, like if you aren't really gonna do it then stop pretending that you are", one message said.

"Hang yourself, jump off a building, stab yourself I don't know there's a lot of ways", she said in several messages sent in the two weeks before his death, as he was on holiday with his family.

"She knew his frailties because he confided in her", Rayburn said, adding that she knew Roy's battles with social anxiety because she was lonely and complained about not having any friends. We have no physical activity, no physical actions taken by Ms. Carter. You're over thinking. Roy: I know I'm over thinking.

On Monday, Carter's key witness - Dr. Peter Breggin - will testify about the effects that antidepressant drugs, including Celexa, have on juveniles and young adults.

Jurors at Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial have heard excerpts from the comedian's lurid, decade-old deposition, but explosive sections about him obtaining quaaludes and giving them to women before sex are yet to come. "He was close to the edge and she could have told him "I don't want you to die" and got help".

Cataldo submitted the motion for a verdict of not guilty after the prosecution rested its case, arguing that the Commonwealth had not met its burden of proof for the accusation that Carter caused her boyfriend's death. MA is one of only 11 states without a law making it a crime to encourage a suicide.

"It was so wrong", she said.

At 6:28 p.m., on the night of his suicide, Roy called Carter and spoke with her for about 43 minutes, the trooper testified. What prosecutors must prove is whether Carter's encouragement resulted in his death.

She was indicted in 2015 and appealed, and took the case to the Massachusetts Supreme Court. Last summer, the court ruled that she could stand trial for her alleged role in Roy's death. If convicted Carter could face 20 years in prison. This enables the prosecutors to charged Carter with manslaughter.

Lynn Classical junior Louis Brooks reacts to the trial of Michelle Carter.

Carter: "But the mental hospital would help you".

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