March 2009 Time cover of Trump is phony

by Wade Massey June 28, 2017, 1:26
March 2009 Time cover of Trump is phony

Time Magazine has asked Trump to remove fake Time covers that feature Trump on the cover from the walls of his golf clubs. "The Trump cover's secondary headlines are stacked on the right side, on a real Time cover, they would go across the top".

One person who beat him was Hillary Clinton, who now has been on Time's cover 30 times (Trump to date, now that he's President, has finally hit that 14 mark he claimed.) Another person who beat Trump and does have the all-time record?

A fake cover was reportedly interspersed with real magazine covers in at least at one location.

Photos from TripAdvisor also show the fake cover hanging near the fireplace in Trump's golf resort in Doonbeg, Ireland.

Early on Tuesday morning, Donald Trump fired off two tweets that served as his latest salvo against so-called "fake news", taking care to mention and tag major, "failing" institutions like the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Representatives for the Trump Organization and the White House declined to comment. And there was no issue at all in 2009 that had Trump on the cover. Club officials don't know why it was moved there.

Trump has previously touted his appearances on the cover of the magazine.

There was no March 1, 2009, issue of Time Magazine.

"So you tell me which is more important, real estate or politics, OK?" "I have six for politics and I have two for real estate or whatever they put me on for". Former President Richard Nixon actually holds that title, appearing on the cover 55 times.

The Post noted that Trump had actually only been featured on the magazine's cover once before entering politics, in January 1989, when he was known as a NY business mogul.

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