Hundreds march in U.S. demanding Trump investigation

by Abel Hampton June 4, 2017, 5:39
Hundreds march in U.S. demanding Trump investigation

Supporters of the president also took to the streets Saturday.

The March For Truth website says the objective of the protest efforts is to "let our elected leaders know that Americans want answers", adding that "the legitimacy of our democracy is more important than the interests of any party, or any president".

The protest focused on a call for transparency and a thorough investigation into President Trump's possible ties to Russian Federation.

"March for Truth" organizers are also demanding that Trump release his personal tax returns.

March for Truth organizers, however, are adamant that they're ready to fight the current administration on multiple fronts, including health care, immigration and the environment, but that the pressure needs to remain on the Russian Federation investigations. The president said Comey was sacked because the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director was "very unpopular with most people", but Democrats say it was a political move meant to prevent the FBI from investigating Trump.

The crowd gathered to celebrate the President's decision to withdraw the USA from the Paris Climate Agreement.

While holding a sign that read "Trump Lies Matter", Dickerson said her mother supports the president, causing contention between the two.

"'America first" and "Make America Great Again' is exactly what he campaigned on".

Christi Branch, from Waynesboro, Virginia, said she made the last-minute trip to the nation's capital to show her support for Trump. A number of high-ranking officials in Trump's administration have resigned or been fired due to undisclosed contacts with the Russian government, and many others remain under investigation. "We will not go back to sleep". Others displayed posters calling for swift investigations into the Trump team, or calling on the president to release his tax returns. "We're not going to put up with it", said one protester.

For many in the crowd, this was just the latest in a string of anti-Trump protests to unfold on the National Mall.

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