Schoolgirl shows friends new prosthetic leg for first time in heartwarming moment

by Wade Massey May 6, 2017, 7:41
Schoolgirl shows friends new prosthetic leg for first time in heartwarming moment

The new blade, which allows Anu to run and dance, has been custom made for her thanks to a £1.5m funding injection given to the NHS a year ago.

According to BBC Midlands, Anu's new prosthetic leg is custom made for her, thanks to a £1.5m funding from National Health Service (NHS), England's publicly funded national healthcare system. But her new blade allows her to be more active with her friends and classmates.

Describing the prosthetic blade that was customized for her, Anu tells BBC Midlands, "It makes me run faster and do my street dancing faster".

Her friends are filmed rushing over to greet her and within seconds to ask 'Is that your new pink leg?' before hugging Anu in delight.

Girl 7 shows friends her new prosthetic leg for first time and they react beautifully
The schoolchildren hug Anu in happiness

A seven-year old girl saw a priceless reaction from her classmates this week when she showed up at her Birmingham school with an artificial leg.

The clip that's now gone viral captures the exact moment Anu walks into school wearing her new sports blade for the first time. Her friends can't contain their excitement as they race over to get a closer look, with some even pulling her into a gleeful embrace. So far the video, shared via Twitter on Thursday lunchtime, has been retweeted over 30,000 and amassed nearly 50,000 likes.

Anu's new customised blade was provided after the NHS was allocated £1.5m in funding previous year. It's been shared and liked tens of thousands of times. These blades need to be replaced every two years, and the BBC reports that there's no guarantee that the government will maintain the funding stream.

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