May proclaimed mental health month

by Jared Lewis May 5, 2017, 15:10
May proclaimed mental health month

The MPs called on the government to "commit resources to establish partnerships with mental health services across all schools and colleges". Together we create change.

Lack of information and misunderstanding; faith, spirituality and community ("pray it away"); reluctance and inability to access mental health services; medications; and provider biases and inequality of care are just some of the main reasons why blacks tend to stray away from professional help.

Reporter Rex Carlin learned that the National Alliance of Mental Illness Tri-Cities is donating $5,500 in the name of Norm Miller, father of Benton County prosecutor Andy Miller.

Zepf Center was also recognized for opening a walk-in Suboxone clinic to treat patients needing emergency treatment after the closing of a clinic run by Dr. Haridas M. Dasani, who is facing charges of rape and gross sexual imposition. There have been many missed opportunities in the past, and this General Election is another that can't pass us by. While instances of shootings are tragic, why does the conversation never veer down the road of mental health services? It is overstretched and patchy in quality, and there is no magic wand to fix it.

Responding to a survey for the NASUWT union, nearly all teachers and school leaders (98 per cent) said they had come into contact with pupils who are experiencing mental health issues, with many citing increasing academic pressures from exams and testing as a cause.

Naturally, the one word every discussion about this snap general election is going to include is Brexit.

The economic burden of mental illness in Canada is estimated at $51 billion per year.

They also highlight the fact that increased academic pressure is having an adverse effect on pupils' mental health - which, in turn, can affect their exam results.

Mental Health America and Community Mental Health Center, Inc., Lawrenceburg, encourage you to learn about "Risky Business". When one suffers, the other suffers.

According to national reports, more than 61 million Americans will experience some type of mental health disorder in a given year; that's more than one in five people. If cuts go through, many could be left with a shortfall on their rent, causing chronic instability. But rarely does anyone bring a casserole to a family struggling valiantly to cope with overwhelming mental health challenges.

Now, Christiansen and other mental health officials are hoping to "ring the bell" for mental health in Howard County, spreading awareness and education about those afflicted with still-stigmatized conditions.

Stigma is one of the leading reasons that individuals with mental illness do not seek treatment for their conditions, despite the fact that data tells us one in five people in the USA has a diagnosable mental health condition. It will take long term, concrete plans and investment. The normal personality and behavior changes of adolescence may cover for symptoms of a mental health problem.

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