Google May Preview Its New VR Headset At I/O Conference

by Jared Lewis May 17, 2017, 11:48
Google May Preview Its New VR Headset At I/O Conference

Variety has learned from various sources that Google may unveil a standalone virtual reality headset at its annual I/O conference later today.

Unlike its Daydream View headset, which depends on an inserted Google phone, the new product is reportedly a stand-alone device that will feature inside-out positional tracking (without the need for external cameras and sensors).

According to a report, the company might give developers a limited preview of the headset before a commercial release, which is expected alongside the Google Pixel 2 in October this year.

Rather than use a smartphone for the screen, Google's new VR headset will have a screen built-in, make use of what's being called "inside out tracking" and have high-powered chips.

In many ways, a standalone headset would help Google to put together many pieces of the VR puzzle the company had been assembling over the past few years.

The report further describes that the headset will be packed with cutting-edge technology, especially inside-out tracking to ease the tracking of a user's movement in the virtual space. Tango started out as a project of Google's X lab, but has since become part of the same VR group that has also been developing Daydream. Without the extra hardware, VR could be greatly simplified for users. That's why Facebook has been working on its own standalone VR headset with inside-out tracking, which it first showed off at Oculus Connect a year ago. The new headset will reportedly use on-board sensors that are created to eliminate the need to install external hardware.

But, today's fresh report now suggests that Google is planning to show off a completely standalone VR headgear. There is now no word on the operating system that'll power this device but Android can be a definite option.

The new device would require no phone.

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