Google expands ad tracking in the real world

by Lawrence Cooper May 24, 2017, 5:22
Google expands ad tracking in the real world

You can opt out of some of Google's ad tracking, though probably not enough to make all of this seem significantly less creepy. On Tuesday, though, Google executives stressed that it won't be able to peer that deeply into what people are buying. By integrating AdWords, DoubleClick Search and Google Analytics, it brings together data from all your marketing channels. Google plans to unveil the store-sales measurement tool Tuesday, May 23, 2017, in San Francisco at an annual conference it hosts for its advertisers.

Google rebuilt Attribution 360 around its machine-learning engine and integrated it "seamlessly" with DoubleClick Campaign Manager, Pahlavan said. Add the growing trend of embedding ultrasonic ad tracking into apps, and your data is surprisingly easy to compile.

Mobile has blurred the line between the digital and physical worlds.

"Both of them are in beta and will be rolled out to advertisers in the next few months", he added. "What this allows us to do in really dense cities like Tokyo, Japan or Sao Paulo, Brazil where many business locations are small and close together, allows us with 99% confidence say a store visit occurred", said Dischler. While most purchases still happen in-store, people are increasingly going on their smartphones to do research beforehand.

In addition to the attribution product, Google has also introduced "location extensions" - so consumers can find stores from YouTube video ads - and "store sales measurement" to enable businesses to measure in-store revenue in addition to store visits delivered by ads.

"As a result, many marketers are stuck using last-click attribution, which misses the impact of most marketing touchpoints". "And we had to go through a massive rebuild of a lot of our infrastructure so things can work at scale and do cross-device and do machine learning at scale".

Store visits measurement will now also be available for YouTube TrueView campaigns. Earlier this year, some advertisers pulled out of YouTube ads after they were shown alongside extremist videos. This means that even if your target was merely sifting through the page, there would be a good chance that the AMP ad would be loaded and would catch is sight - as opposed to a regular ad which might still be loading while the target clicks another link. Store visits measurement is now available in 17 markets: US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland. Current methods of tracking how people are influenced are limited, often losing the plot between devices, for instance.

Google will be launching a new product, Google Attribution, to help marketers measure the impact of marketing across devices and channels in one place.

The credit card companies provide Google with encrypted information about purchases, which Google software then compares to Google profiles of people who viewed relevant ads. Jerry Dischler, vice-president of product management at Google, said, "Our research suggests that more than 50% of all internet users look for videos related to the product or service before purchase", adding that fast food chain Wendy's had almost a million visits as a result of a YouTube campaign in Q4'2016.

Google is putting out a new free marketing tool to help businesses and marketers process more data more easily, with the help of automation. See the AdWords blog for more detail.

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