Bankies asked to spread kindness for Mental Health Awareness Week

by Jared Lewis May 13, 2017, 9:40
Bankies asked to spread kindness for Mental Health Awareness Week

Organizers say the kids block party was created as a fun way to discuss mental health by reducing the stigma associated with receiving this care.

Mental Health America has developed a series of fact sheets ( about specific behaviors and habits that may be a warning sign of something more, risk factors, and signs of mental illness.

Speaking openly about mental health is important.

In 2013 there were 6,233 mental health related suicides recorded in the United Kingdom for people aged 15 or older. We may think that we don't need to grieve for these losses and that we are being "pathetic" as no one has died yet still we feel sad and perhaps angry, scared, anxious, exhausted and unable to focus on things for a long time, all similar emotions that one goes through in grief.

Head of wellbeing consulting Beate O'Neil said managers are essential for providing the early intervention support to employees with mental health conditions which is proven to significantly expedite recovery.

The 5 Ways to Wellbeing MK initiative aims to prompt people to build 5 practical, straightforward steps into their daily life which are evidenced to improve feelings of wellbeing, may ward off anxiety and depression and could lead to them living 7.5 years longer.

Budget cuts have severely impacted mental health agencies in the state.

Recent studies have shown that the incidence of clinical depression is three times higher in lawyers than in any other group of professionals.

If you have any concerns about mental health for yourself or your family, please call SYFS, at 508-481-5676.

"When I did open up, it was without doubt the scariest moment of my life, it was bad actually looking back at it". If not you, then someone you love. Although supporting a North-East football team from the outside will probably seem to be a symptom for a mental health problem.

"We don't see ourselves as an island, but want to be an active and integrated part of the community", Draper said.

"The more people who are aware and can talk about it, the better".

The very real stigma that still surrounds mental-health and substance-abuse problems in this country is another unfortunate factor in why treatment is delayed or avoided altogether.

Bee Heard, a mental health peer advocacy charity, held a Coffee Morning in conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Week on May 10. I can not imagine the horror of those eight days for her, handcuffed to a bed, never knowing when he was going to come in and hurt her, she is one fearless lady. It is important to not pass off your own mental health, whether it be a bereavement, miscarriage, end of a relationship, even all the way to "small things" such as exam stress, school etc. Notwithstanding this, the report found that there is a lack of mental health support in the workplace as many employers lack the systems to recognise and address mental health issues.

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