Urban myth proves true: Grammar vigilante is fixing UK signs

by Abel Hampton April 6, 2017, 1:19
Urban myth proves true: Grammar vigilante is fixing UK signs

She admitted to running around London adding apostrophes to posters featuring the Hugh Grant/Sandra Bullock movie Two Weeks Notice, which, as the A.V. Club copy desk could tell you, should read Two Weeks' Notice.

"I'm a grammar vigilante", he was heard saying in the BBC video".

The self-proclaimed "grammar vigilante" has been secretly correcting bad punctuation on street signs and shop fronts in Bristol for the past 13 years.

"I'm a grammar vigilante".

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The anonymous crusader carries out his work in the dead of night in Bristol using the "Apostrophiser" - a long-handled tool he created to reach the highest signs.

He takes care to make sure that his corrections fit in and uses the same typeface and colour as the original signs where necessary.During one of his recent outings, he removed an apostrophe from a garage sign reading "Cambridge Motor's". "There was a council sign that said "Open Monday's to Friday's" and it had these ridiculous apostrophes".

"I do think it's a cause worth pursuing", he said.

An elusive hero working beneath the shroud of nighttime, he uses stickers to add apostrophes (his speciality) or change bad grammar. It was just so loud and in-your-face I just couldn't abide it, so I had to go and apply my wares to this apostrophe. "I'm sticking on a bit of sticky-back plastic". I just think it's going to teach the youth of tomorrow the wrong grammar.

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