Passover seders bring food, people, religion together

by Abel Hampton April 13, 2017, 1:04
Passover seders bring food, people, religion together

While the story of Passover continues to resonate for the Jewish community, so do its traditions.

Joseph Levy, a freshman communications major, said he is going to try to stick to the Kosher diet during his first Passover away from home but knows it will be hard.

Two Sacramento-area rabbis are joining other Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Latino and African-American leaders in a unique Passover Seder, telling the biblical Exodus story interwoven with relevant, contemporary issues of social justice.

By commemorating the suffering of the Jewish people in bondage, the Seder forces participants to confront modern-day suffering. From a young age, Liberow said, "everybody's on board".

"I just think the Seder is a really great time to think about the kinds of food you eat whether your are vegan or not because it's a time to sit down to use your food to reflect on your culture and your religion and so its also a good time to reorient your relationship to your food", she said. Much of the kitchen was covered in aluminum foil, part of an additional effort to separate food prepared for Passover from surfaces that had been in contact non-Passover cooking.

It was this Passover Meal that Jesus, or Yeshua, as a Jew, shared with his disciples before His death on Passover Eve and which He asked His followers to remember "as often as ye do this". They are covered because of possibly having been exposed to non-Passover cooking during the year, Zalman Liberow (right) and his mother, Zelda Liberow, were busy on Monday afternoon to prepare for their Passover meal.

Passover, the weeklong Jewish commemoration of what the Old Testament depicts as the deliverance of the ancient Hebrews from slavery in Egypt, began at sundown Monday.

Some of the food, like the meat, wine and matzo, was imported.

For a vegan main dish, he said his family typically makes a tajine, which is a Moroccan dish with root vegetables, dried fruit and served over quinoa.

Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten wish the Jewish community a happy Pesach. "We soak it in the water, we check it by the light, and we dry it".

Gurary said some students won't eat all day until they come to the Chabad House because of the strict Kosher diet they follow during Passover.

"The Seder, when everyone's together - the community all together, celebrating - it's very special", he said, while standing in the new center with his father.

"There is a lot of mystery for people who aren't familiar with it", said Kinarthy, communications co-ordinator for Kolot Mayim Reform Temple. It is known as the cup of Elijah, the prophet who, when he arrives, is supposed to foreshadow the arrival of the Messiah.

The teaching of Passover is universal, he said.

Congregation Emanuel (founded in 1883) will observe the Passover Festival and Holydays by holding a Seder as prescribed in Exodus.

"They actually like doing it at home", he said.

His absence was surprising to people who thought he would attend because of his fraught history with Jewish people.

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