Mowgli girl found in up jungle

by Abel Hampton April 8, 2017, 1:33
Mowgli girl found in up jungle

Police in Uttar Pradesh's Baharaich district rescued an eight-year-old "wild" girl from the nearby jungles who attracted public attention by her monkey-like behaviour.

UP Police found the 8-year-old girl two months ago.

After treatment, she has begun to walk normally and eat using her hands but according to Dr Singh, "she can not eat food off a plate, she will eat the food directly from the bed, not from a plate".

"She was unable to communicate or understood any language".

Now undergoing treatment at a hospital in Bahraich, the girl is unable to communicate and screams whenever people go near her.

Police said they encountered fierce resistance from the troop when they eventually managed to trap the girl.

Based on her behavior, it appears she could have lived among the primates since she was an infant, Bahraich police officer Dinesh Tripathi told the New Indian Express. "They resisted and even attacked the cops when they tried to haul the girl away".

The child is reportedly feral and doesn't respond to human interaction.


According to the Associated Press, police are reviewing missing children reports in hopes of identifying her and figuring out how she ended up in the Katarniyaghat forest range.

On Thursday, chief medical superintendent of the hospital Dr D K Singh said, "I have written to Childline for the third time seeking their help and I hope they would response this time".

A "Mowgli" girl, who behaves like a monkey, was recently recovered from the Katarniaghat jungles in the district. The monkeys acted as if this child was one of their own and they protected her as if she was family. Sweeper at the hospital, Rina plays mother, trainer and caretaker of the girl.

Authorities in India are trying to identify a girl found living with monkeys in a forest in India and thought to have been raised by the animals.

The child is adapting fast to her new environment, though she often gets down on her all fours to move around the ward.

The girl was scared of humans and screamed at anyone approaching her.

Over two months, the doctor said, the staff had worked hard to bring her under control, and that her health had improved by leaps and bounds. "I visit her personally time-to-time", Tripathi adds. It is not clear, however, how long the little girl has been living in the forest.

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