Meghan Markle's Sister To Reveal Secrets About Prince Harry's Possible Princess

by Abel Hampton April 6, 2017, 1:19
Meghan Markle's Sister To Reveal Secrets About Prince Harry's Possible Princess

Her half-sister Samantha Grant has penned a tell-all book titled The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister? and it's raised plenty of eyebrows and speculation about what it's all about. The sisters - who share father, Thomas Markle - last saw each other at her graduation in 2008.

After Meghan and Prince Harry's relationship was made official, Grant called her a "shallow social climber". News that the two were never raised as sisters, and that "Meghan was raised an only child by her loving parents".

"Grant is a writer and a stage name", she corrected.

She added: 'Humanitarianism begins at home.

"I think she believed the tabloids that I was writing a 'tell-all" book.

Things went south pretty quickly after she pulled Kyle Sandilands up for calling her "Samantha Markle-Grant". But now, it's possible that Meghan's family members want to reveal less than ideal aspects of Meghan's personality and childhood. If Meghan does marry Harry, Elle UK reports that she will not be called Princess Meghan since she is not born royal.

Jackie continued to probe, asking: "So you will admit that you're using your sister's fame and her name at the moment to sell this book which isn't anything to do with your sister?"

Despite the controversial title, the sister claimed she does not want to cause trouble for Meghan. I'm an older sister, not her gossipy little peer. She has never liked Meghan and she's always been jealous of her'. She is not a nice person'.

She told the Australian radio hosts that she was particularly upset that Meghan hadn't acknowledged her medical condition despite being heavily involved with charities.

Meghan, who has been dating Prince Harry since meeting him in Toronto last May, is Grant's half-sister from their father's marriage to yoga teacher Doria, 60.

Samantha Grant has vowed to publish a shattering memoir about being the sibling of "princess pushy".

"No absolutely not, this is my life ... this is my personal life", Grant responded.

"Samantha was not a part of that life and in no way shape or form did Samantha raise Meghan until she was 12". This week she found herself back in the news - but this time around, she probably wasn't as pleased about it. Leave Meghan alone already - it's ridiculous'.

"It's not about the money", she says.

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