Manafort Registering with US as Foreign Agent

by Abel Hampton April 14, 2017, 1:09
Manafort Registering with US as Foreign Agent

Let that one sink in for a few moments.

Manafort resigned from Trump's campaign last August, days after documents surfaced in Kiev suggesting he had received millions in undisclosed payments from Yanukovich's party. The AP also reports that the payments were "received by [Manafort's] consulting firm in the United States" via wire transfer from companies that were registered in Belize, details which indicate that Manafort's earlier denial of the Times allegations may have gotten cute about the literal definition of "cash" and/or "I". Manafort earned millions working for a pro-Russian Ukrainian political party, and also did business with a Russian oligarch and a Ukrainian oligarch.

Pressed on what the Justice Department advised and if Manafort would be registering as a foreign agent, Maloni declined to comment further.

Manafort has, consequently, figured extremely prominently in various lines of speculation about ties between Trump and Russian Federation.

There's no word yet as to if Trump knew about this when he hired Manafort.

But while it's not entirely clear what about Manafort's business arrangements have changed to lead him to conclude that he needs to formally register, it likely has something to do with the increased scrutiny Manafort is receiving as a result of his ties to both Trump and the government of Russian Federation.

Additionally, The Washington Post reported Tuesday that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had sought and obtained a warrant from a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to monitor Carter Page, another former Trump campaign adviser, to investigate whether he was acting as a foreign intelligence asset of the Russian government.

Whatever happens here with this foreign agent registration, it's guaranteed to be shady.

The U.S. Foreign Agents Registration Act requires people working on behalf of foreign political leaders to disclose their efforts to the Justice Department. Failure to do so is a felony offense, although prosecution rarely happens.

Asked by NBC News whether that meant Manafort would be registering as a foreign agent, Manafort spokesman Jason Maloni would not say yes or no.

The explanation pt. 2:"Mr. Manafort's work in Ukraine was totally open and appropriate and wire transfers for worldwide work are perfectly legal", Jason Maloni, Manafort's spokesman, said in an email statement today. This won't provide much comfort regarding all of those purported text messages between Manafort's daughters, who fretted over their father's "blood money".

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