Local Jewish center to help residents kick off Passover

by Abel Hampton April 14, 2017, 1:08
Local Jewish center to help residents kick off Passover

The holiday begins on Monday evening on April. 10 so we've gathered everything you need to know about one of the most important holidays on the Hebrew calendar here! This year, Passover ends on April 18. "This is the foundation of the Jewish people which has stood the test of time". The word Seder in Hebrew means "order" and the Passover Haggadah (prayer book) has instructions to follow, a specific order of prayer, mandatory readings, ritual, a festive meal, and then more prayers.

On this occasion, let us celebrate not only a major cultural festival, but also the contributions that the Jewish community have made to the mosaic that is Australia's multicultural society. "It celebrates the Israelites' exodus from Egypt, to finding the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai and ultimately becoming Jews and finding Israel". As in Exodus 22:20: "You shall not taunt or oppress a ger for you were gerim in the land of Egypt".

God is said to have told Moses to tell the Israelites to paint lamb's blood on their doorposts. He wants us to have to look deeper into the world to discover Him and to have to struggle to make the right choices.

Lastly, God sends the tenth plague: an angel who visits death on the first-born of every house in Egypt. The miracles in the story of Passover helped the Egyptians and all who heard what happened come to believe in G-d. "Passover has a very practical connotation in that it is the chance that every individual is given every year anew to overcome his or her own boundaries, narrows, straits, restrictions, and experience personal freedom and redemption".

President Trump was officially scheduled to host the White House Passover seder last night, according to reports provided by an official within the administration.

Event organizers expect to sell all 200 seats, and expect about half of those attending will be non-Jews - representing the Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and Buddhist faiths, as well as secular participants. They also replace their regular dishes, silverware and cookware with sets used only during Passover. "Because when the Israelites left Egypt, they had no time to bake bread".

US President Donald Trump skipped the Seder dinner marking the first night of Passover Monday, media reports said.

Rabbi Goldman facilitates the burning of chametz, or non-kosher-for-Passover food, outside of his synagogue. Holy Week is the time when we remember the passion of our Lord, Jesus Christ and at sundown last night, our Jewish friends and neighbors began their observation of Passover.

Each year, the center also pairs up people looking for Seder companionship with Jewish families who don't mind hosting a guest at their traditional meal.

"One of the lovely rituals in the holiday is that at one point in the celebration, the youngest child in the room has to ask The Four Questions".

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