Chhattisgarh news reader 'breaks' news of hubby's death

by Abel Hampton April 9, 2017, 0:03
Chhattisgarh news reader 'breaks' news of hubby's death

On Saturday morning Kaur was reading a breaking news in live news bulletin when the reporter on phone unknowingly informed her about the death of her husband in a fatal accident.

Chhatisgarh's regional news anchor, kaur walked into the studio and read the news roundup including a breaking news piece of a auto accident that had left three persons dead and two others injured.

"But, barring a few seconds of distraction when she found her voice cracking, Supreet regained her composure and finished anchoring the bulletin". When the news anchor was connected with channel's reporter for live phone-in, she realized that her husband Harsad Kawade was among the passengers of the ill-fated vehicle.

Kaur who presents for IBC24 in Chhattisgarh, realised her partner was involved in a fatal vehicle crash as details from the scene emerged, according to the Indian Express.

The reporter stated that three people had been killed (without taking names), among the five who were traveling in the Renault Duster.

The editor said the staffers had come to know that her husband was dead while she was reading the news.

However, Kaur continued with the bulletin and broke down once the cameras were off.

A local police officer said: 'The damage to the vehicle was bad, and three people died, with two others grievously injured'.

"She got a sense that it was her husband's vehicle".

According to the Hindustan Times, Kaur's commitment to her job left her colleagues shocked.

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