Car dragged along highway after collision with tractor-trailer

by Jared Lewis April 22, 2017, 0:11
Car dragged along highway after collision with tractor-trailer

The driver said he's lucky to be alive after he was dragged four miles up the 15-freeway.

When he pulls alongside the two vehicles, the driver in the auto, being dragged, rolls down his window and is seen waving at the truck driver to stop. The sedan's driver can be seen waving his hands outside of the vehicle and shouting for help. Luckily, the sedan's driver was uninjured.

The California Highway Patrol's Inland Division responded, saying the incident occurred at 3:20 p.m. Wednesday on the northbound 15 Freeway north of State Route 138, according to KTLA. Maestas dragged the auto for nearly three-quarters of a mile.

"Stop! He's not stopping", the Nissan driver cries.

'What do you mean you didn't know it dude?' a surprised Steimke asked.

Eventually a driver slowed down in front of the lorry in order to make it stop.

"Look at that", driver Brian Steimke says in the video. There is nothing unusual about that until you look closer and can see the back of a vehicle stuck underneath the back end of a semi-truck that is still driving.

Neither driver requested medical care, CHP officials said.

Maybe check your mirrors next time, truck driver?

A video showed the unusual incident that happened on the I-15 freeway, in California, on Wednesday.

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