California officer seen on video punching jaywalker in face

by Abel Hampton April 13, 2017, 1:00
California officer seen on video punching jaywalker in face

However, Cain then "questioned the officer's validity to stop him at which time a violent encounter occurred between the officer and the pedestrian".

"I thought I was going to be the next Trayvon Martin, to be honest". Cain put his hands up as the officer approached, but continued to walk away slowly.

The incident unfolded after the officer from his police cruiser told the man to stop after he was seen jaywalking, but the pedestrian ignored the officer, the police department said.

According to the Associated Press, police say the officer tried to stop the man, identified as Nandi Cain Jr., after he was seen crossing a street illegally on Monday. "I can tell you the video speaks for itself and you know obviously we taking this seriously". "This evening, the involved officer has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the internal investigation".

Sergeant Bryce Heinlein is a public information officer with the department and calls the video "disturbing".

"Hey, why are you doing him like that?"

"There are good and bad officers and if we weed out the bad ones that are not in the best interest of the community I think we will be ok", said Brookings.

Naomi Montaie, who filmed the interaction as it unfolded in front of her, screamed at Cain, saying, "Nephew, just listen".

A Sacramento woman has captured the frightening moment a white cop grabbed her black friend by the throat, threw him to the ground and began punching him - for jaywalking.

Cain was initially charged with resisting arrest but it was later dropped and he was released, officials said. Cain doesn't appear to resist as the cop tackles him to the ground and punches him several times.

The suspect was detained on suspicion of impeding a police officer and for an outstanding misdemeanor warrant.

The Sacramento Police Department is investigating after one of its officers was caught on camera beating a pedestrian who became confrontational while jaywalking in an intersection, the department said. "I felt like they were going to draw a gun out and shoot me in my back or try to break my arms off".

They also wouldn't confirm Cain's identity. So far this year, 284 people have been shot and killed by police, according to The Washington Post's Fatal Force database.

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