BP Tries to Secure Leaking Oil and Natural Gas Well in Alaska

by Frankie Norman April 21, 2017, 0:09

A BP oil and gas production well in Alaska's North Slope blew out Friday morning, and on Saturday afternoon, the well was still not under control as responders fought subfreezing temperatures and winds gusting up to 38 miles per hour.

According to the Environment Protection Agency who made a statement on the current gas leakage on this remote locate in Deadhorse, Alaska, which says the petroleum giant BP who is conducting the drilling on this oil well found a crack on the wellhead.

Responders on Saturday night were able to enter the well house and connect hoses to valves.

The volume of the North Slope leak hasn't been determined and the cause of the release is unknown, the state's Department of Environmental Conservation has said.

There were no reports of harm to nature or injuries.

"Based on an overflight with infrared cameras, the release appears to be contained to a".

Oil field workers have reduced the pressure in an oil well that is leaking natural gas on Alaska's frozen North Slope. BP was fined $255 million by the state of Alaska for negligence in their maintenance of Prudhoe Bay pipelines.

The spray of crude onto the pad of the well, which occurred when the well in the bay area of Greater Prudhoe was leaking gas, stopped by afternoon on Sunday.

The oil company will ultimately have to "kill the well", an expensive and unsafe process that stops the extraction process. This last March, daily output in the area hit 565,000 bpd - the highest in more than three years.

"The well is no longer leaking any gas or oil", spokeswoman Dawn Patience told Bloomberg via email.

"The well is now venting gas, which caused an initial spray of crude oil that impacted the well pad", DEC said. Afterwards, BP must coordinate a cleanup with its internal oil spill response organization and Alaska Clean Seas, a nonprofit that specializes in oil spill response.

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