'BAM! I Got Hit By Bambi!': Deer Decks Canadian Rapper

by Edgar Hayes April 13, 2017, 1:02
'BAM! I Got Hit By Bambi!': Deer Decks Canadian Rapper

A closer look shows an animal was apparently chasing the deer in British Columbia when it collided with McCook. McCook told the Revelstoke Review that his own mom didn't believe him, since it was April Fools' Day.

25-year-old Cary McCook has a story that just about nobody else can tell - he was tackled by a charging in deer. "I play hockey, I know some guys can hit, but not like a deer".

As you can see from the above video, he didn't really have any time to react to the impending collision at all.

Cary sustained a sore shoulder but was otherwise unharmed.

After McCook gets to his feet, he looks back at the vehicle, likely to see if the driver saw the insane encounter with "Bambi".

Thankfully for McCook, he was able to get the security footage - and people could finally believe him.

Towards the end of the video, a dog is seen running in front of the truck, which is likely why the deer was so determined in his escape route.

So McCook, who performs as part of Reka Nation, went to the hotel and asked for its surveillance video.

McCook exited the auto and noticed a deer running straight towards him. Unsurprisingly, no one believed him, not even mommy dearest.

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